Thoughts for Climate Conference, May 2019, Vienna

Austrian World Summit R20 / Climate Conference in Vienna, Mai, 28th-29th 2019


The earth is on fire! We are running out of time!

This is true and we human beings are responsible for all the developments of our civilization, good or bad, we have made them possible through our actions. And that's why we can turn this course around again! This can only happen if we learn to use the full capacity of our brain consciously.

For 35 years, I have been developing a program that helps every person in a specialist field make the impossible possible and can contribute something to regenerate the climate. I am suggesting that every person finds the own individuality and can contribute it authentically - just as Greta has been doing.

Greta Thunberg has made the impossible possible.
She has activated so many kids and woken up so many adults to embrace their talents, forcing us all to look closely to the problems facing us today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made the impossible possible in many ways, he has set many new trends in his life and is the father of this climate summit.

Parents and teachers make the impossible possible by supporting their children even if they have to face difficult problems and feel often helpless

What is it that makes our climate and planet sick?

We learn a lot of expert knowledge in school but nothing about relationship and there we have the most problems. We are in disharmony or in dissonance with ourselves and with our environment.

Resonance is disturbed within us and we don’t know any more how our so special sounds like.
Resonance in our interpersonal relationships are disturbed and we have more adversity than togetherness.
Resonance between humans and nature is disturbed and we cannot do anything for nature until we have reconnected to it. 
Resonance with the universe is disturbed and the climate is very dangerously disturbed too.

Resonance can be restored everywhere again. By finding resonance in ourselves, we find resonance with our environment, with our fellow human beings and with nature. Let us use the full capacity of our brains and we can help to make the impossible possible and to proceed with confidence into the future to be happy, healthy and strong.

We will make the impossible possible by finding the best in ourselves, developing products that will help to regenerate the earth and provide many new jobs. We will learn to talk together, to live together no matter what religion or culture the others have, we will respect each other and learn from being different. We will create a world together where there is enough for everyone, enough space, enough love, enough food, enough money, enough education, enough happiness and enough fortune - just enough of everything - in a healthy climate and a healthy earth.

I was born in World War II and have repeatedly accused my parents, why they did not do anything against the problems of the time. With timely I meant, that when there was still time, then you could clearly see a lot of terrible things, but you did not want to look or were afraid to look. I believe that my parents were scared. But I have decided that I will have something to say when my children will ask me: "Why didn’t you do something?" And I'm very happy that I can stand here not with empty hands and can give answers.

It is very important that we learn expert knowledge at school. But equally important is that we learn all that Greta has: global thinking, self-confidence, social behavior. She goes on stage, although she is afraid to show herself, she dares to say what her heart tells her. 
We need a new subject in school for holistic thinking and feeling.

All that I've said here, all of you have already available and we only have to uncover it. This means we all have good days and bad days. But we use the big capacity of our brain unconsciously. On good days, we live unconsciously a different mindset than on bad days. If we can make ourselves aware of what we do on good days, then we could turn any bad day into a good one and use the full capacity of our brain consciously - and everyone can help make the impossible possible.

This century will be the century of awareness that we have already everything we need within ourselves.

Everybody matters!

We can start now, if existing foundations and influential people help us and support us worldwide..

Our offer to make the impossible possible:

  • A holistic teaching and holistic learning Concept for humanity
    for all students, teachers and parents
  • A holistic Research Center for humanity for sustainable applications
    (See our article in „soziologie heute“, 2014, over 35 years research
    work in schools)


Gundl Kutschera, Head of Institut Kutschera
+43-1-597 50 31


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